Home-grown Heartland Westminster Bill Wiggin MP with Paul Curran from Avara (002)

This summer, Bill Wiggin MP met farmers in Westminster to back the NFU West Midlands Home-grown Heartland campaign highlighting the vital contribution of the agricultural, food, and drink industry to the environment and economy.

Bill commented: “Farming in the West Midlands helps contribute approximately £800 million to the UK economy. It is particularly important, now more than ever, that we recognise farming as the bedrock for the largest manufacturing sector in the UK; the food and drink industry.

Farmers play a crucial role in managing the countryside and providing traceable, affordable and high quality produce. This is particularly the case in North Herefordshire with its enormous economic contribution from the food and drink sector.

Farming generates a total of £160 million per year to Herefordshire’s economy. Renowned for its specialist livestock,grain, hop and fruit production, Herefordshire alone employs around 10,200 people in agriculture.

It was fantastic to meet representatives from across the West Midlands, and learn more about their produce and the incredible variety of ways in which farming benefits communities in the region.

I am delighted to see ever-growing support for the Home-grown Heartland campaign and its key messages to enjoy the countryside responsibly and buy local British produce to ensure a thriving and sustainable future for British farming.”