Shobdon memorial

On 20 July, a re-dedication ceremony on Hanbury Green marked the restoration and relocation of Shobdon’s WW1 memorial.

Bill Wiggin MP, the Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire, local councillors and Shobdon residents were among those who attended the ceremony to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the First World War.

Bill commented: “Thanks to the hard work of the parish council, volunteers, and local businesses, the Shobdon war memorial has now been restored to its former splendour and re-dedicated in honour of those who served in WW1.

Protecting our rich heritage is of paramount importance and I am delighted that this beautifully restored memorial is once again standing tall in Shobdon.

The re-dedication ceremony highlights the importance of paying tribute to the servicemen and women who lost their lives to protect our country.

This message will never fail to be relevant, and serves to remind us of the hard work and sacrifices that our military, police force and emergency services continue to make today to keep us safe.

It is wonderful to see the memorial re-instated at the centre of the Shobdon community as a demonstration of their bravery and dedication; a lesson that I hope will continue to inspire Herefordians of all ages.”