Following the Adjournment debate tabled in February by Bill Wiggin MP on enacting a Crown Use Licence on the Cystic Fibrosis drug Orkambi, negotiations have continued between the NHS, NICE and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. MPs across the House are now uniting to call on the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to make sealing a Vertex/NHS deal a priority for the new Government.

Bill said: “I would very much like to see a deal with Vertex, but if they refuse to accept the NHS offer then we should prepare to override their copyright protection, like in Argentina, where patients are able to acquire identical medication for a fraction of the price.

My proposal to allow Crown Use Licensing would have made similar low cost medicine legally possible here.

I urge the NHS and Vertex to keep trying to reach an agreement so that we do not need to use such serious powers as they do take longer and every day is precious to CF sufferers and their families.”