The recent mass roll out of EV chargepoint infrastructure shows that the Government is stepping up its strategy to help people and businesses make the switch from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles.

In light of the launch of the £400 million Chargepoint Infrastructure Investment Fund this month, Bill Wiggin commented:

“I welcome the £70million funding specifically for EV charging infrastructure announced by the Department for Transport last week.

Following my Ten Minute Rule Bill on standardised electric vehicle charging portals last November, I am pleased that the Government is committed to seeing all new rapid and higher powered chargepoints provide card payment by spring 2020. There are now more chargepoint locations in the UK than petrol stations.

Increased funding for EV infrastructure is a vital step towards lowering our emissions and improving air quality.

It is important that rural areas are not overlooked in the allocation of this funding, and I will continue to argue for improved EV infrastructure in rural areas in North Herefordshire.”