Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that the suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

While I have the highest respect for our judiciary and the independence of our courts, I disagree with yesterday’s Supreme Court judgement.

Parliament does not need the protection of the Supreme Court. Parliament can protect itself if required.

However there is an important difference between illegal and unlawful. Until a court rules, it is not possible to know if something which has no law attached is unlawful. This is quite different to choosing to break an existing law which would be illegal.

The UK will not be deterred from getting on and delivering on the will of the people to come out of the EU on 31 October, because that it was we were mandated to do.

We will simultaneously refuse to be deterred from delivering on what will be an exciting and dynamic domestic agenda, intended to make our country even more attractive to live in and to invest in.

We are pushing on with investing in our NHS, reducing violent crime and cutting the cost of living and to do that we will need a Queen’s Speech to set out what laws we are going to bring in.

People want to see us delivering a strong domestic agenda and they want to see Brexit delivered by 31 October.

There is only one way to settle this now.

We need a general election.

I shall continue to support and vote for a General Election so that our precious democracy is not hijacked.

In comparison, Labour have repeatedly failed to support the Country having its say in an election, because they do not trust the people.

Best wishes

Bill Wiggin MP