North Herefordshire and the Country decided in 2016 to leave the European Union. The UK is a democracy, and we must respect the result.

As Labour, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats failed to back our timetable to leave the EU on 31 October, we now face further uncertainty.

Jeremy Corbyn would like to force a second referendum on the British people, having ignored the first – meaning pointless delay and indecision.

The Liberal Democrats want to ignore the June 2016 Referendum, which is neither liberal nor democratic.

I also do not see an advantage in voting for the Brexit party as this will split the leave vote, leading to more remainer seats as we recently saw in Brecon and Radnorshire. Their other policies are not yet clear from the Brexit party.

The Conservatives just produced the Queens speech which sets out a detailed plan for the NHS, Environment, Economy and a strong domestic agenda.


My approach to Brexit

The best way to end Brexit is therefore to leave and do so in an orderly way with the deal that Boris negotiated with the EU.

It is good for us and good for the EU. They are our neighbours and we should accept the deal.

I voted for Boris’ deal as it is better without the backstop.

I therefore once again support a General Election so that those of us who, like me, respect the referendum result can get a majority in Parliament to get us out of the EU.


Why your vote matters

I also respect those who have different views on this. Yet I would like to ask you to consider the point that this General election is not just a protest about the referendum result.

Brexit will play an integral role in the election, but it is about so much more. What is now at stake is who leads either Boris or Jeremy Corbyn.

The choice is yours between a country driven by compassionate conservatism and strong economic growth or by a misguided Marxism that would wreck our economy and put hard-earned jobs at risk again. Just as we are recovering!

The risk of a Labour Government or Labour-led coalition is real, and that is why I am asking you to vote for me.


My plan for North Herefordshire

This election is an opportunity to deliver for North Herefordshire so that we can benefit from:

  1. Fairer funding for schools. £14bn extra funding announced by the Government this autumn will help children in North Herefordshire receive the education they deserve.
  2. Raising broadband standards. I will continue to work to rollout fibre broadband and improve the service.
  3. Securing more funding for our roads. The Government have designated £1,252,647 to Herefordshire roads since 2017, and I will secure further funding as rural communities should have the same quality of road as our towns.
  4. Improving our public transport services by building on the Government’s new National Bus Strategy and continuing to campaign for a better rail network.
  5. More police to keep North Herefordshire safe. I look forward to working with the new officers posted to Herefordshire as part of the Government’s £750m project to strengthen police numbers.
  6. Supporting our farmers and producers as we transition to a new Agricultural Policy.


Thank you to all those who have been in touch. I look forward to meeting many more North Herefordshire residents in the weeks to come and I hope I can count on your support on December 12th.