Thank you to those who have contacted me regarding the setting up of a Food Standards Commission.

I think this is a sensible and positive suggestion which I would like to support.

The current Food Standards Agency is not accountable to Government and while it is funded by the Health budget I am sure we can do so much better.

As a farmer myself, I have always been a keen advocate and incredibly proud of the high food standards this country is renowned for.

I am optimistic that this improves as we leave the EU and enter the world stage.

It is my hope that a Food standards Commission could oversee the improvement of food labelling which informs and empowers us as customers.

If we know how and where our food is produced we can ensure the British consumer has all the tools at their disposal to buy quality British produce.

The government will stand firm in trade negotiations to ensure any deals live up to the values of our farmers and consumers.

All food coming into this country will be required to meet existing import requirements.

At the end of the transition period the Withdrawal Act will convert all EU standards into domestic law which is why the Agriculture Bill did not need amending.

These include a ban on using artificial growth hormones in both domestic and imported products.

Nothing apart from potable water may be used to clean chicken carcasses. Any changes to these standards would have to come before parliament.