Many people have been concerned that the B4224 may not be reopened in February.  

They contacted me and so earlier, I wrote to the Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council to seek a progress report on the reopening of the B4224 and I have since received the enclosed below updates.

We are all very disappointed to learn that the reopening of the road has been delayed till the end of March.

Although I would like to welcome Cllr Harrington’s apology to the local residents.

In his letter, I noticed that Cllr Harrington tried to blame the Government for what will eventually turn out to be a 13 month closure.

It is true that the Government refused part of Herefordshire Council’s application which sought funding to repair the road damaged in the storm, probably because the road was not flooded.

The project therefore fell outside the Government’s Bellwin Scheme for flood relief support.

You will remember that the Council did not appear to have difficulties securing the finance for the purchase of the Maylord Shopping Centre nor the proposed free electric city bus service, as they seemed to have for the urgently needed repairs of the B4224.

In my last update to Fownhope residents before Christmas, I raised my concerns following reports of further delays to the works and I was assured by the Council that the road was on schedule to reopen in February.

Those who contacted me with their concerns about the delay to reopening were worryingly accurate.

So I hope this recent sad announcement will not set another false deadline.

Trying to stay positive I look forward to the days ahead when we can enjoy a smooth journey along the B4224.