Bill Wiggin MP calls on Council to beat their delayed deadline for the Fownhope road reopening.

“Due to the better weather I am being told that over that last month, progress on the repairs of the B4224 have been very promising.

Work continues and soon, we all hope, this crucial stretch of road will be reopened.

We are praying for continued good weather in the weeks to come so that this does not create reasons to delay again the repening.

While thanking all those who are working on the road, it is my hope that they can push ahead in these final weeks and get the job completed.

Perhaps even ahead of the new scheduled opening date.

Herefordshire Council have previously indicated that they hope the works to be completed by 12th April.

This is still 7 weeks away so there is plenty of opportunity for success. 

I have written to the Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council urging him to open up before the renewed deadline.

You can find my letter included below.

It will have been over one year since the road closure, one that has brought much frustration for so many.

Residents of Fownhope and the surrounding areas deserve their important travel link back and I look forward to seeing this happen as a matter of urgency.

I will continue to update you all as I hear more.”