It is now a year on from the announcement of the first National Lockdown.

I pay tribute to all those who have played their part – whether they be key workers or simply all of those who have stayed at home to stop the spread.

It is excellent news that so many people in my constituency – nearly all of those in the first 5 priority groups – have received the vaccine as we lead the world in our fight against coronavirus and edge closer to the restoration of our freedoms.

Professor Van Tam recently reminded the nation, even those who have received their jab can still carry the virus, and that you are not completely safe until you have had both doses of the vaccine.

So while we should remain cautious, I am reassured by the Prime Minister’s determination to ‘bash on’ with the roadmap out of lockdown.

Like everyone else, I cannot wait for an end to this pandemic. I am aware from the phenomenal workload it has created for myself and my team how challenging this period has been for my constituents

I have received some 24,675 individual casework related emails since the first lockdown was announced, which is over double the amount of correspondence I received in the same period of the previous year.

This is not to mention the hundreds of letters and telephone calls to my office.

My staff have been working remotely since the start of the pandemic to help serve my constituents. With their help I have been able to offer my assistance as quickly as possible.

One of my constituents wrote to me to say, “I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough to Mr. Wiggin for his prompt and effective actions in taking up my case”, while another stated that “No matter how busy you are, or have been, you always reply and always attempt to help resolve any issue.”

Reading these is a source of real pride, and I am so glad that during this period of great uncertainty I have been able to continue to provide help to all those who require it.

I would urge anyone in need of assistance to contact me. As one constituent put it, “our MP is available and open for business!”

I hope all my constituents remain safe and well, so that we can soon resume the daily life we all miss so much.

Let us look forward to the end of lockdown, while remaining cautious and sensible in the months to come.