On Tuesday 26th October I held a Westminster Hall debate on Motorcycling.

During my speech, I called for Motorcycling to be recognised by the Government as an alternative mode of transport alongside the likes of walking, cycling and e-scootering.

Motorcycling is a key mode of transport that can be a safe, effective and low polluting way to get around.

However, it needs to be actively supported in policy if we are to see its further uptake.

This includes the need for adequate expenditure of roads to be spent in a motorcycle-conscious way, such as the removal of wire crash barriers.

Between 2020-2022 Herefordshire Council will have received over £33 million in road funding.

Yet, the County’s roads remain difficult for motorcycles and even cars so we need more transparency requiring Local Authorities to outline how they intend to spend these funds.

I believe that motorcycling has a part to play in our future transport strategy.

However, this can only be achieved by actively promoting motorcycling and making the country motorcycle friendly and safe.

If you wish to watch the speech, you can do so here.