Cllr Harrington blames Herefordshire’s current pothole issues on austerity.  

Roads are devolved to Herefordshire Council who have a statutory responsibility for managing and maintaining their roads as set out in the Highways Act 1980.

Between 2020-2022, the Government provided £33.2 million for road maintenance. 

Never forget that Herefordshire Council spent £4.5 million on the Maylord Shopping Centre and then released a video asking residents what the Council ought to do with it!

The loan to pay for this will affect tax-payers for the next 40 years. 

This Council’s decision to cancel the by-pass will further add to this pain. 

However Hereford City will benefit from a portion of the £328 million 15 Towns Fund Deals as announced in the Governments Levelling-Up White Paper.

Hereford City was also offered £22.3 million as part of the Town Deal offers in 2021. They have been invited to develop proposals as part of the government’s Towns Fund. 

Historic England have made available as part of the High Streets Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) programme, £1.8 million of Government funding for the revitalisation of Leominster’s high street. 

This funding came directly from the Treasury to be administered by Historic England as they see fit. 

Herefordshire also received, as part of the Government’s Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund, £2.7 million. 

With regards to buses the Council offered free transport around Herefordshire at weekends. 

This was done thanks to £800,000 from the Government’s Covid Recovery Fund granted to the Council. 

As part of his Autumn Budget, the Chancellor committed £1.2 billion for bus transformation deals to deliver London-style services, fares and infrastructure improvements.  

£16m of Local Growth Funding will go towards Hereford City Centre’s Transport Package.

The Council recently announced the £15 pre-paid cards portrayed as free money provided by the Council to revitalise the local economy.

This money would not have been available had it not been for central Government’s £6 million Covid Recovery Funds to Herefordshire Council. 

It is a shame that residents in Herefordshire will not fully benefit from the Treasury’s £150 council tax rebate as the Council has decided to increase Council tax by 2.99%. 

Herefordshire has been allocated £24.7 million in direct Covid-19 support to the local authority. 

£123.7 million has been passed through the Council to businesses in Herefordshire. 

£1.6 million has been passed through to individuals and £5.7 million in a combination of direct and passed-through support. 

Thanks to this Government’s spending, Herefordshire has a benefits claimant count (unemployment rate) nearly half that of the UK average at 2.6% of the adult working population. 

This council has embarked on reckless spending on vanity projects such as the Maylord Center and blamed the Government for their shortcomings.