I regret the nature of the end of the Prime Minister’s tenure in office.

Though the media could not help but find this fascinating, my own involvement with those people in Government roles makes this a difficult and personal occasion for me.

In deference to the political process, and the large electoral mandate granted to the Prime Minister, I have supported him, as is my duty.

Likewise, I shall support the next Prime Minister as they deliver for my constituents and for our Country.
We must never lose sight, however, amidst any leadership election, of the current alternatives to a Conservative Government.

Labour remain in disarray following years of Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist leadership. They have no plan to tackle the cost of living crisis, and struggle to share the values of decent, hard-working people.

A Labour government would worryingly embolden Vladimir Putin, while President Zelenskyy and all those fighting for a free, democratic Ukraine will be bitterly disappointed with the Prime Minister’s departure.
Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats are very successful by-election opportunists who do not really want to govern as we saw from them in 2015.

I therefore hope that the Conservative Party painlessly selects a new leader with the ability to lead both the party and the Country, and who is best placed to address the United Kingdom’s most pressing issues.

That will be helping families with the cost of living, delivering on the opportunities of Brexit, and helping the people of Ukraine.

I also hope that the situation in Westminster does not distract from the issues that affect us in Herefordshire.

Herefordshire Council continues to be a bastion of policy confusion and monetary waste, such as in the case of scrapping the much needed proposals for a long-overdue Hereford bypass, the £800,000 spent on tree planters for City Link Road, or the gross overspend on Maylord Orchards shopping centre.