The Government has announced that a £150 million fund will be used to build 150 new facilities to support mental health urgent and emergency care services and up to 100 new specialist mental health ambulances. 

£1,509,000 of this fund will be allocated to mental health services in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 

New projects receiving funding include crisis cafés, step-down services, health-based ‘places of safety’, crisis lines and emergency assessment spaces. 

This funding will help ease pressures on NHS emergency care – especially during challenging winters ahead. 

Anyone experiencing a mental health emergency will benefit from more tailored emergency care and support in the community through specialised mental health ambulances and more crisis services.  

The £150 million investment up to 2024/25 will better support people experiencing – or at risk of experiencing – mental health crises to receive care and support in settings outside of A&E, helping to ease pressures facing the NHS.  

Improvements to NHS 111 and crisis phone lines will also be rolled out.   

This announcement follows the Government’s commitment to increase mental health spending to 8.9% of all NHS funding. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:  

“People in mental health crisis deserve compassionate care in a safe and appropriate setting. Too often, they end up in A&E when they should be receiving specialist treatment elsewhere.  

This important funding will make sure they get the help they need, while easing pressures on emergency departments and freeing up staff time – which is a huge priority for the government this winter.”  

Sir Bill Wiggin MP commented:   

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on people’s mental health and therefore I am delighted that the Government are providing extra funding for improving mental health support and services throughout the country.” 

If you need urgent mental health support, you can call the urgent helpline on 0808 196 9127 (free phone available 24/7) that supports people of all ages experiencing a mental health crisis/emergency. 

For local mental health support, Healthy Minds (Herefordshire and Worcestershire)  provides a range of help, support and treatment for those of use experiencing things like stress, worry, anxiety or low mood.