Bill presented a 10 Minute Rule Bill in Parliament in April 2014 urging for better recording of agricultural accidents.

Since becoming an MP two of Bill’s constituents have been killed in accidents with cattle and The Health and Safety Executive has reported another six deaths between April and December 2013.

In Parliament Bill said: “We need to ensure the relevant changes are made to legislation now so that the Health and Safety Executive record the appropriate details.

“Once this vital information starts to be recorded I believe it will prove a useful tool to farmers, for their spouses and all those working in agriculture or walking in the country.”

“I want to help people make sensible and informed decisions on the type of cattle they buy, farm and place in fields which have public access.”

Bill has also met with Rick Brunt who is Head of Agriculture at the Health and Safety Executive. Following this meeting the Minister, Mike Penning, has confirmed that HSE will start to collect and publish the data Bill is asking for. You can read the Minister’s full letter here.

On 25 May Bill appeared on an episode of Countryfile with his herd of Hereford cattle to discuss his proposals.