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Bill Wiggin comment on Foreign Aid

This year has brought about unprecedented change and hardships for many, including the public purse. 

The Government is committed to buildings hospitals, schools and funding important infrastructure projects in this country. 

Over 1 million Nurses, Doctor’s and those on the lowest wages in the NHS are due a pay rise however, other public sector workers will not receive a pay rise this year. 

While those workers in the private sector have on average had a 1% pay reduction.

Our 0.5% commitment to Foreign Aid will still put us second in the G7 for aid donations.

We cannot give our hardworking teachers, police officers and soldiers a pay-rise so it would be unfair to continue borrowing money to send the same amount of GDP.

Foreign aid is primarily spent on preventing illness and promoting contraception. 

We are still doing this through our pioneering work on the vaccine in the UK.

The Government has committed to projects outside of the aid budget to reduce the effects of Covid-19 on developing nations. 

The vaccine pioneered by AstraZeneca and Oxford University in this country with Government support will soon reach the developing world and this will be the most effective way of preventing deaths. 

This trial which has brought spectacular results in just 10 months. 

The Government has also been one of the key architects in the COVAX facility which aims to deliver 2 billion doses to 160 nations by the end of 2021. 

In total, the UK has committed over £500 million to this programme. 

Importantly, the AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccine can be stored at normal fridge temperature for up to 6 months. 

This ensures that in developing nations, where existing infrastructure will not cope with storage requirements of -80 degrees, our vaccine can get to those most in need. 

This vaccine is being developed at cost thanks again to funding from the Government. 

Due to covid-19 the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) projects that developing countries could see income losses in excess of $220 billion.  

The important task to help nations in need is only met when our economies are healthy and trade can resume. 

The roll-out of the vaccine, not only in the UK but worldwide, will be the key to addressing these needs and I am proud of the way the UK has been at the forefront of this innovation. 

Bill Wiggin MP disappointed as Herefordshire named in Tier 2 for Coronavirus restrictions

“The hard work of Herefordians over these past weeks has not been enough to allow us to come out of the national lockdown into Tier 1. We have asked our residents to sacrifice so much this year and I was hoping that, given the falling case rate in Herefordshire that we would be able to emerge into Tier 1. While I am disappointed, I note that only the very remotest parts of the Country are now in Tier 1. I am sure that the continued selflessness of our people will enable us to drop a tier as soon as possible.

Herefordshire is currently rated 160.3/100,000 which is falling, while Cornwall in tier 1 is on 62.4 cases per 100,000. While our rates continue to fall I am optimistic that lives will be saved until we are allowed to vaccinate. I will be questioning the statistics as I believe there are 23 Covid patients in Wye Valley Trust area and spare capacity in Hereford Hospital.

Nevertheless, I welcome the news that all shops will be permitted to open up once more.

Herefordshire has so many excellent independent retailers that will need Christmas footfall after an unimaginably tough year and we should all do our utmost to support them in a Covid-secure manner.

Today’s announcement will also be a boost to our many wonderful pubs who will now be able to re-open providing they offer a substantial meal – which is defined as a full breakfast, main lunchtime or evening meal!

Given the need to lift these restrictions on us all, it is excellent news that the vaccine being developed in Oxford is 90% effective when administered in two doses.

There are still final safety checks ahead, and so I asked the Prime Minister after his statement to the House if he will revisit the new tiered restrictions if the vaccine is approved in the coming days.

Until that time we must all remain safe and vigilant.”

Bill Wiggin MP welcomes largest investment in our nation’s defence since the end of the Cold War.

  • Today, the Prime Minister announced an additional £24.1 billion in funding for our country’s defence.
  • This funding will help safeguard the security of our nation and bring prosperity to every corner of the Union – while revitalising British shipbuilding.
  • Over the next four years, this funding will help create 10,000 more jobs a year, through the investing in our world leading defence industry and revitalising British shipbuilding.

Local MP Bill Wiggin has welcomed new defence funding which will help protect our country and bring tens of thousands of jobs to every corner of the Union of the UK.

This the largest investment in the nation’s defence in the last 30 years, providing our defence budget with an extra £24.1 billion over the next four years. The commitment will allow the Government to invest in cutting-edge technology, positioning the UK as a global leader in domains such as cyber and space and cement the UK’s position as the largest defence spender in Europe and the second largest in NATO.

Over the next four years this funding will help create 10,000 more jobs a year, through the investing in our world leading defence industry and revitalising British shipbuilding. These jobs will reflect the expertise and ingenuity of British people both inside and outside our Armed Forces, harnessing the UK’s skills in construction and science and reinvigorating those industries in the coming decades.

Commenting, Bill Wiggin MP said:

“I am a firm supporter of our Armed Forces, that’s why I am delighted that we are providing them with the largest financial boost since the Cold War, while both meeting and exceeding our Manifesto commitment to increase defence spending.

This news is also good news for constituencies across the country like ours who will not only benefit not only from the security this investment will bring our country but also the jobs and prosperity the direct and indirect investment will bring to our defence industry and its supply chains.

This shows once gain how the Conservative’s remain the only party that will actually stand up for our armed forces, delivering real support – not just empty words’

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said:

“I have taken this decision in the teeth of the pandemic because the defence of the realm must come first.

The international situation is more perilous and more intensely competitive than at any time since the Cold War and Britain must be true to our history and stand alongside our allies. To achieve this we need to upgrade our capabilities across the board.

This is our chance to end the era of retreat, transform our Armed Forces, bolster our global influence, unite and level up our country, pioneer new technology and defend our people and way of life.”

The Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, said:

“This is excellent news for Defence, and provides us with the financial certainty we need to modernise, plan for the future and adapt to the threats we face. It demonstrates the Prime Minister’s recognition of how important Defence is to our resilience and to the reputation of the United Kingdom.

This settlement secures UK jobs and livelihoods, allows us to invest in our fantastic shipyards and aerospace industry, spreading prosperity to every corner of the UK.

Next year represents a huge opportunity for this country, and Defence will be at the forefront of creating the jobs and business opportunities that will help us build back from the pandemic.

Over the next few months I will set out in more detail our ambitious agenda for Defence.”

Bill Wiggin MP holds Westminster Hall debate on Covid-19 Vaccination

On Tuesday 10th November, MP for North Herefordshire, Bill Wiggin held a Westminster Hall debate on the Covid-19 vaccine.

In the news, hope was raised that a vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech may soon be available.

Mr Wiggin MP has recently met with three leading vaccine manufacturers about the development process and what more can be done to aid their work.

In the debate, he called for the Government to extend trials for both the vaccine and therapeutics to volunteers who are vulnerable or at-risk.

He also called for better collaboration between Government and vaccine regulators worldwide to ensure vaccine development continues to accelerate in the future.

Commenting, Bill Wiggin MP said:

“I called for this debate because I am convinced that a vaccine for Covid-19 is the best answer to combatting this virus.

Not only will this avoid future lockdowns, but it will ensure those most vulnerable in society are protected.

Many will have seen the latest announcement from Pfizer/BioNTech and their breakthrough, citing 90% efficacy in initial trial results.

This is a great step forward but we are not quite ready to roll out the vaccine yet.

There are over 258 vaccine candidates being manufactured worldwide.

Over 50 are in clinical trials of which 11 are in final, Phase III trials.

Our Government has already ordered over 300 million doses from 6 different manufacturers.

This is all most welcome and I called for Governments, scientists, medical companies and regulators worldwide to collaborate to remove some of the barriers to faster vaccine development going forward.

By agreement these bodies can decide on the same standards, parameters and end goals, globally .

As a result, when faced with a situation like this again, a vaccine can be rolled out faster.

It has been a difficult few months for many but we are almost there with the way out.

Soon we will be able to visit our family and friends once again, get business back on its feet and get people back into work to get the country running at full capacity.”

To read Bill’s speech please click here.

To watch the whole debate please click here.

Bill Wiggin MP marks Remembrance in Bromyard and Kington

Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire, has taken part in a pre-recorded Act of Remembrance at St Peter’s Church in Bromyard and will lay a wreath at the war memorial in Kington on Sunday.

Commenting, Bill Wiggin MP said:

“It is always an honour to be invited to remember the men and women of North Herefordshire who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The coronavirus pandemic has presented many challenges this year, but we are fortunate to still be able to come together, albeit in some cases virtually, to ensure this important part of our history does not get forgotten.”

The pre-recorded video for Remembrance in Bromyard can be found here:

Government announces extra £1.51 million for Herefordshire to continue providing vital services during coronavirus

  • Herefordshire to benefit from extra £1.51 million in funding announced by the Government
  • Councils have received £6.4 billion in additional direct support since April.
  • Local authority has been provided with £20.91m in extra funding since the pandemic began.

People living and working in North Herefordshire will benefit after Herefordshire was given a share of £900m in additional Government funding for local councils.

The money will be used locally to help the council cover coronavirus-related costs and ensure it has the resources needed to keep providing key services as we battle the Covid pandemic.

It means Herefordshire has now received £20.91m in direct extra support from the Government since the start of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, North Herefordshire will benefit from a share of a further £100m established to support council-run leisure centres across the country, which are proving key to helping the health and well-being of people in the area.

The new funding means local councils will have £1bn extra in funding this winter to help maintain vital services.

And Bill Wiggin MP said the Government support is proving crucial to people living in North Herefordshire as it means Herefordshire can continue to provide the essential services needed.

“The £1.51 million announced today is hugely welcome and will ease financial pressures on Herefordshire and ensure it is able to continue providing vital local services this winter.

“Just like we said we would stand behind people whose jobs are at risk – with over £200 billion so far to project jobs, incomes and businesses throughout and beyond this pandemic – this Conservative Government  is keeping its promise to local authorities and ensuring they have the resources they need to continue supporting people”

The funding has not been ring-fenced, meaning local leaders will be able to determine how to spend the additional funding in order to best protect public health, local vulnerable people and the running of vital services. In total, over £4.6 billion of the £6.4 billion in additional government funding made available to councils has not been ring-fenced, reflecting the Government’s view that local authorities are best placed to determine local priorities.

This is the fourth announcement of extra direct support for local authorities since the start of the pandemic. It forms part of an unprecedented package of support for councils, which also includes up to £465 million through the new Local Alert Level system, £300 million to support Test and Trace and £30 million for enforcement and compliance. Councils can also claim funding through a compensation scheme for lost income from sales, fees and charges and further additional support will be made available to areas placed under Tier 3 restrictions.

Commenting, Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said:

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have backed local councils with the funding they need to support their communities, protect vital services and recover lost income. 

“This extra £1 billion funding will ensure that councils have the resources that they need over the winter and continue to play an essential role on the front line of our response to the virus while protecting the most vulnerable and supporting local businesses.”

Commenting, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

“It’s vital that we keep ourselves fighting fit through the winter months and local authority leisure centres are crucial to this. This £100 million fund will help keep leisure centres across the country open. I urge leisure centres to bid for the money and people to make the most of these precious local facilities.”

Bill Wiggin MP welcomes latest figures showing support for businesses in North Herefordshire

  • 1,990 Bounce Back Loans worth £58,937,308 have been offered under the Bounce Back Loans Scheme in North Herefordshire
  • Also in North Herefordshire, 86 loans worth £24,623,520 have been offered under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme
  • In total, more than £200 billion of Government support has been provided to help individuals and businesses in all parts of the UK.

New statistics showing the huge Government support to businesses in North Herefordshire have been welcomed by local MP Bill Wiggin.

Businesses across North Herefordshire have benefitted from £83,560,828 worth of loans since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. This includes 1,990 Bounce Back Loans – 100 per cent government-backed loans which are interest-free for the first 12 months – worth £58,937,308. The scheme ensures that small firms who need vital cash injections to keep operating can get finance in a matter of days, with no repayments due during the first 12 months.

In addition, 86 loans have been offered in North Herefordshire at a value of £24,623,520 through the Coronavirus Business Interruption Scheme. This scheme has helped small and medium-sized businesses to access loans and other kinds of finance up to £5 million.

The Chancellor also announced on Friday that the government’s Job Support Scheme will be expanded to protect jobs and support businesses required to close their doors as a result of coronavirus restrictions, alongside increasing the cash grants to businesses in England required to shut in local lockdowns to support with fixed costs – worth up to £3,000 per month.

So far, the Government has provided over £200 billion throughout its economic response to coronavirus to support jobs and businesses in the UK.

Commenting, Bill Wiggin MP said:

“This year has been hugely challenging for businesses in North Herefordshire, but these latest figures demonstrate the scale of support that the Conservative Government has put in place to protect livelihoods and businesses.

“Never has the Conservatives’ agenda to level up the whole county been so important – and we will continue to focus on supporting hardworking families across North Herefordshire.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak said:

“Our support for businesses and workers has provided a lifeline to employers up and down the country, supporting people to stay in jobs and protecting livelihoods. “We will build on this as we move to the next stage of our recovery through the Winter Economy Plan, which will continue to protect jobs and help businesses through the months ahead.”

£100m Government Heritage package saves Shobdon Church

One of North Herefordshire’s most valuable heritage sites has been given a crucial lifeline thanks to a major Government scheme.

Shobdon Church has been awarded £15,000 after successfully applying to the Cultural Recovery Fund for Heritage, set up to help the country’s cultural gems survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Conservative MP for North Herefordshire, Bill Wiggin, said he was delighted at the award and how the money would protect a vital part of the area’s heritage and protect local jobs

The CRF is funded by the Government and delivered by heritage experts – the Historic England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund – to support organisations in England across the heritage ecosystem that are local and national treasures but have fallen on hard times due to the pandemic.

Today Friday, October 9, more than £67m is being shared out among of 433 successful applicants from across England to help with key repair and maintenance work, and help sites operate and recover.

A raft of famous sites across the country have been awarded funding including historical areas, buildings, monuments, collections, museums, archives and places of worship.

Bill Wiggin MP said: “Shobdon Church is such a major part of the heritage of North Herefordshire and the country and I am thrilled this money will help it weather the covid storm and be therefore for future generations to enjoy.

“Not only can we learn so much and gain so much insight from our heritage, but it also provides jobs and a boost for the local economy in many ways.

“And as we get through this unprecedented pandemic, places like Shobdon Church and the tremendous work done there can undoubtedly play a part in our recovery.

“Huge credit must go to the Government for this invaluable support.”

The package of support is the first round of funding from the Government’s £1.57bn Culture Recovery Fund. Today has also seen a dozen organisations, including English Heritage, the National Trust and the Canal and River Trust share £34 million from the Heritage Stimulus Fund to preserve visitor attractions.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said: “As a nation it is essential that we preserve our heritage and celebrate and learn from our past.

“This massive support package will protect our shared heritage for future generations, save jobs and help us prepare for a cultural bounce back post covid.  I’m so pleased that we have been able to help save Shobdon Church.”

Coronavirus Act

Today, Parliament voted on the extension of the Coronavirus Act for another 6-month period. North Herefordshire MP, Bill Wiggin refused to support this extension instead choosing to abstain.

Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire said:

“Following today’s announcement from the Health Secretary and the subsequent vote, it is with regret that I cannot support the Government in extending the Coronavirus Act.

There are concerns over the lack of scrutiny Parliament has had when wide-ranging decisions are made.

Though concessions were made, they did not go far enough.

In my speech on Monday (read here) I was clear that a 6-month extension was unnecessary and MPs must be given more opportunity to scrutinise decisions.

I said: “We need to remember that both sides of the House are united in wanting to beat the disease and I know we would be complaining if we sat on the other side of the House, so we need to involve all MPs to get necessary actions approved.”

My position on this has not changed because the concessions given today, although welcome, did not go far enough.

We could be 3 months from the roll out of a vaccine.

It is my firm belief that when we get the vaccine out to those most vulnerable in our society, we can begin to open up again.

The Government has secured 190 million doses with at least 100 million available by the end of the year.

We should be putting all efforts into vaccines as quick as possible and I will continue to push for this.

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