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Brexit Update 25/09/2019

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that the suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

While I have the highest respect for our judiciary and the independence of our courts, I disagree with yesterday’s Supreme Court judgement.

Parliament does not need the protection of the Supreme Court. Parliament can protect itself if required.

However there is an important difference between illegal and unlawful. Until a court rules, it is not possible to know if something which has no law attached is unlawful. This is quite different to choosing to break an existing law which would be illegal.

The UK will not be deterred from getting on and delivering on the will of the people to come out of the EU on 31 October, because that it was we were mandated to do.

We will simultaneously refuse to be deterred from delivering on what will be an exciting and dynamic domestic agenda, intended to make our country even more attractive to live in and to invest in.

We are pushing on with investing in our NHS, reducing violent crime and cutting the cost of living and to do that we will need a Queen’s Speech to set out what laws we are going to bring in.

People want to see us delivering a strong domestic agenda and they want to see Brexit delivered by 31 October.

There is only one way to settle this now.

We need a general election.

I shall continue to support and vote for a General Election so that our precious democracy is not hijacked.

In comparison, Labour have repeatedly failed to support the Country having its say in an election, because they do not trust the people.

Best wishes

Bill Wiggin MP

Bill Wiggin MP attends annual Kington Show

Bill Wiggin MP visited the annual Kington Show in his North Herefordshire constituency over the weekend.

Commenting on the day, Bill Wiggin MP said:

“It is always a pleasure to attend this excellent show and to witness so many local producers, such a variety of stalls and of course see all of the superb livestock on display.

It is clear that a huge amount of work goes into organising this show, and on a gloriously sunny day it was great to see such a high numbers in attendance.

These events are important to Herefordshire. It is always a pleasure to meet people from our fantastic Agricultural community, and I was pleased to be able to speak with local farmers on a wide range of topics from beef to preservation of the world’s rain forests.”

Bill Wiggin MP update following meeting with Herefordshire Council

Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire, has today offered an update following a ‘constructive’ meeting with Herefordshire Council on Friday 6th September.

Mr Wiggin met with Council chiefs to discuss numerous issues – including the Hereford bypass.

After the meeting Mr Wiggin offered an update saying:

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with the new Administration of the Council and ask them to consider the risks that these delays pose to the bypass project. I made clear my views that the funding was at risk and my own priority has to be the majority of my constituents who want a bypass as soon as possible.

The Council said they wanted to investigate further so we must hope that sense will prevail. I initially fought for an Eastern route but I would prefer any bypass to no bypass. I will continue to press for the western route.

We also discussed other pressing issues like the economy and Housing and Planning and I hope that we can work positively together to ensure a bright future for Herefordshire.”

Bill Wiggin MP welcomes new funding for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

The recent mass roll out of EV chargepoint infrastructure shows that the Government is stepping up its strategy to help people and businesses make the switch from petrol and diesel to electric vehicles.

In light of the launch of the £400 million Chargepoint Infrastructure Investment Fund this month, Bill Wiggin commented:

“I welcome the £70million funding specifically for EV charging infrastructure announced by the Department for Transport last week.

Following my Ten Minute Rule Bill on standardised electric vehicle charging portals last November, I am pleased that the Government is committed to seeing all new rapid and higher powered chargepoints provide card payment by spring 2020. There are now more chargepoint locations in the UK than petrol stations.

Increased funding for EV infrastructure is a vital step towards lowering our emissions and improving air quality.

It is important that rural areas are not overlooked in the allocation of this funding, and I will continue to argue for improved EV infrastructure in rural areas in North Herefordshire.”

Bill Wiggin MP delight as Leominster set to benefit from record Government investment

Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire, has reacted with delight at the news that Leominster is set to receive £2 million as part of a record government investment aimed to breathe new life into historic buildings on the nation’s high streets.

The £95 million funding will be used to revitalise 69 historic high streets across England – the biggest ever single investment into the UK’s built heritage.

Commenting on the announcement, Bill said:

“I very much welcome this biggest ever investment into our built heritage. Leominster is a wonderful and historic town with many excellent independent retailers. I am sure this money will help to benefit businesses, support our much-loved buildings and help to make this community an even more attractive place to live, work and visit.”

Letter from the Department for Transport regarding The Thomas Cook Group

A copy of the letter I received from the Secretary of State at the Department for Transport, The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, regarding The Thomas Cook Group.


Brexit Update 4/9/19

Last night the Government lost the vote which would allow Labour and opposition MPs to set the agenda for today.

The Bill they propose will delay Brexit and is allegedly designed to prevent us from leaving the EU without a deal, but behind this is an agenda to remain despite the 2016 Referendum result.

If this Bill passes through the House of Commons today, which is highly likely, British negotiators will have no position to improve the deal which has currently been voted down three times by the House.

The Prime Minister therefore has no option but to call for a general election, but under the terms of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, 66% of the House of Commons must vote for a general election.

This is unlikely to be accepted as Labour and opposition MPs are fearful. We will then be left with a situation where the Government will have no majority and an opposition who are unwilling to fight a General Election.

There are several possibilities.

Firstly, a repeal of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, but this will depend on the number of MPs willing to trust the public.

Secondly, a European country may choose to veto an extension to Article 50 which is possible.

As you are aware, there are a lot of variable outcomes and I will do my best to keep you up to date.

I shall be voting for a General Election as I am willing to trust the public.

Best wishes


Bill Wiggin MP set for Bypass meeting with Herefordshire Council

Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire, is set to meet with Herefordshire Council Officials on Friday to discuss the Hereford Bypass.

Mr Wiggin will use the meeting to urge the new Independent Administration to end the delays to planning consent for the bypass around the city.

Commenting today, Mr Wiggin said:

“I am hopeful that Friday’s meeting with Herefordshire Council will bring about positive action on the bypass. I am concerned that the new administration’s delaying tactics will deny Herefordshire the £180 million of Government funding that has been offered, not to mention the £10 million that has already been spent in the consultation phase.

I will use this meeting to highlight the concerns of my constituents who want this bypass built. When the Government funding is withdrawn it is they after all who will have to find the money needed for the project.

We must also consider the volume of HGV traffic in the city as well as the air quality impact of this delay, especially in the wake of the Council’s declaration of a climate emergency.”

Letter from the Prime Minister 28/08/19

Letter from the Prime Minister received on 28/08/19:


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