The EU referendum will occupy headlines and concerns in the coming weeks.


As the debates begin to be held, articles written in newspapers and people exchange their views on social media my main concern is to ensure my constituents know as many facts as possible.


Regardless of your view on the EU Referendum and whether Britain should remain or leave, there is a risk either way, I want my constituents at the end of the campaign to be able to make the best informed decision.


There are of course those who are already experts about all aspects of the debate, but there are many more who don’t know where to go to find the right facts and figures for this debate.


I have enclosed below a number of website address below for campaign groups on either side of the argument and for a fact checking organisation so those interested know where to go to find the facts.


Ultimately the major political part of this process was in securing the referendum – which we’ve done.  I think that was a huge achievement for the future of our Country.


Now the debate begins for me the key issue is sovereignty and the reach of the European Union into our lives.


For example our excellent Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre has succeeded in preventing the EU Commission from regulating rubber gloves and umbrellas.


I want the Prime Minister to succeed in reforming the EU too but unless the other EU member significantly restore our sovereignty, and prove that they mean it, I think it would be almost impossible for me to support a vote to remain.


We all agree that the UK should be part of a free market with Europe, we do not however share is the desire of many within the EU for ever closer union and a United States of Europe.


Whatever our personal views, we now have the power to decide our future – and we will all have to come back together united to live with the result.


I want this referendum to be an opportunity for our country to engage in this democratic process for the future of our country. I am hoping that this website will become a forum for open and reasoned discussion on the benefits and disadvantages of both staying and leaving the EU. In the interests of this, I have composed an essay on the benefits that UK agriculture would have if we were to leave the EU, a copy of which I have pasted below.