I am always standing by to help my constituents in any way I can. Some of the people below wanted to share their stories of how I was able to help them, in case others find themselves in similar situations:

1. A Leominster resident:

Dear Mr Wiggin

We would like to send you and your staff our deepest gratitude for your recent help in the repatriation of my husband from the Canary Islands, where he’d suffered a cardiac arrest and was in an induced coma.

From the point where my son-in-law first contacted you my husband’s plight was taken seriously, and you made every effort to speed up the process that was taking so long (via painfully slow negotiations with both the Insurance company and our local hospitals).

While out in Lanzarote we had been told that, if the repatriation had taken many more days, my husband’s condition could easily have deteriorated making him totally unfit to travel, and resulting in him being left out there indefinitely.

We the family are all now so relieved that he is home and has been receiving medical care at both Abergavenny and now Hereford ITUs. He is by no means ‘out of the woods’, but we are confident that he is in the very best hands.

We are immensely grateful to you for all that you’ve done to help the situation.

It’s thanks to you that my husband is now back home!

2. A North Herefordshire Constituent who had trouble with their broadband: 

Mr Wiggin,

Than you very much for your assistance in this matter. I don’t know whether there were any additional communications from your office, but a single email enquiry seems to have had a dramatic effect on BT Openreach! I am particularly impressed with how you have managed to get Openreach to not only commit to dates, but to actually adhere to those commitments.

It is very encouraging that the Openreach response has gone from connection being “impossible” (the original line I was being given) to ‘it will be done, we’re just working out when’.

Once again, on behalf of ourselves and our neighbours, many thanks for your assistance and please do continue to share any further communications from Openreach.

3. A North Herefordshire Constituent who was worried about a particular piece of legislation regarding animal welfare after Brexit:

Dear Mr Wiggin,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my letter and to put my mind at rest. Having read Mr Gove’s letter I feel happier about the vote on the New Clause 30 of the EU Withdrawal Bill.

I was unaware that you had led the move to increase the sentencing for cruelty to animals and you should be commended for this. It is good to see that you obviously care about animals as well as your constituents!

We may not always agree but I am firmly of the opinion that you are the best MP we in Hererfordshire could ask for.

4. A North Herefordshire Constituent who had been issued with a parking fine following the cloning of his number plate, and pursued for 6 months:

Dear Mr Wiggin

I would like to thank you, from all of us little people that are ignored by the big boys. I spent 6 months trying to clear my name with nothing to show but stress and financial loss.

Thanking you for a very prompt and efficient outcome.

5.  Mr O. Vaughan, North Herefordshire resident

Since I had already gained suport from Mr Wiggin on two separate issues, one on a planning issue and one on an aviation matter I was a little hesitant to contact him again, over yet anther issue. However after being ignored by one of the utility companies I sent him a brief outline of the issues which not only affected me but also to some extent the whole village, along with my frustration at their lack of response.

I had an prompt, reassuring email from Mr Wiggin saying I was quite right to contact him and that he had made representation on my behalf. Immediately following his intervention I was called by a senior manager of the utility company who first apologised for their inadequate response, then proceeded to say what they planned to do in order to put the matter right.

I have been extremely impressed by the concern shown by Mr Wiggin and his willingness to help whenever he can, on these various issues..