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  • Committee on Standards (3 Nov 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: Once again, we are seeing this become partisan. We are examining the cases of the individual, but for me the key thing that is not right is that even the Commissioner is in an impossible position. Therefore, we desperately need to reform a system that puts the staff in that place.
  • G20 and COP26 World Leaders Summit (3 Nov 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: Given the phenomenal success to end and reverse deforestation, I was tempted to tease my right hon. Friend about build back beavers. However, will he meet me to discuss what can be done, using institutions such as Kew Gardens, to reverse the spread of deserts through the better planting of trees?
  • Budget Resolutions - Income Tax (Charge) (2 Nov 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: The subject of the River Wye has already been raised by my right hon. Friend the Member for Hereford and South Herefordshire (Jesse Norman). There is no advantage in my repeating all he said; suffice it to say that there is not a cigarette paper between us in our agreement on that vital subject. The Budget comes at the tail end of a once-in-a-century pandemic, the sharpest financial hit in...
  • Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (25 Oct 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: Despite its being heralded as a ban on keeping monkeys, I actually welcome part 1 of the Bill relating to primates and the keeping of them. Governments should not be banning things; there should be licensing. I apologise to the hon. Member for Luton North (Sarah Owen); I did not mean to come across as patronising, but I like the idea that the Government have the flexibility through...
  • Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (25 Oct 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: Of course I agree with my right hon. Friend; I will come to that in a moment. At the moment, a farmer has the right to shoot an out-of-control dog, but I have not yet met a farmer who wants to do that. Farmers love animals but sadly these sheep-worrying incidents occur far too often. Livestock are vulnerable and fairly defenceless. Dog walkers want extra access to the countryside; in return,...
  • Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (25 Oct 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: I was about to talk about zoonotic diseases such as neosporosis, but I give way to my hon. Friend.
  • Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (25 Oct 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: Keeping dogs on leads is particularly important with sheep. It is completely the opposite when there are cattle with calves in the field. The dog owner should let go of their lead and let the dog run away, because otherwise it is people who become the casualties. This is complicated, which is why the Countryside Code matters and why us rural MPs must take opportunities such as this to remind...
  • Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (25 Oct 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: I am grateful, as always, to my hon. Friend. I think that if he looks at the bit on the Northern Irish element in the explanatory notes, he will find that that is not in there for this particular element. I am sure that he will be on that Committee and sorting that out, which will be wonderful. None the less, it is important and it does matter. In much the same way, the dog element in this...
  • Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (25 Oct 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: The buyer might also find that their dog is house trained. On that note, it is entirely appropriate to give way to my hon. Friend.
  • Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (25 Oct 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: There is no better way of ruining the market for illegal puppies than simply getting them from the plentiful rehoming centres and charities. Finding the right home for our pets is a humane and worthy thing to do, so everyone should please look at this very carefully before they pay large sums of money. I also urge the Government to look hard at dog theft and all the other animal-related...
  • Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (25 Oct 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: A zookeeper who had to look after their animals at home could be construed as having them as pets. That is why licensing and a case-by-case, “the individual must come first” basis is so much healthier than an outright ban. It is impossible to deal with different examples without having laws that can understand the difference. Does the hon. Lady not understand that?
  • HGV Driver Shortages (13 Sep 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: I congratulate my right hon. Friend on the excellent removal of the need for young people, who have been hit so hard by the pandemic, to spend their money on a trailer test. That is really welcome in rural communities, and with that extra freedom comes extra responsibility. When can those young people expect that policy to be implemented—is it today?
  • Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Topical Questions (22 Jul 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: As I understand it, the DIVA test is being piloted at the moment. When can we expect it on farm, and if we must wait for approval, why has the Secretary of State cancelled culling licences before approval has been given?
  • Prime Minister: Engagements (21 Jul 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: Given the global pandemic, public criticism of my right hon. Friend’s extraordinary leadership should be dismissed. He put the lives of my constituents first, and has had to adapt to the lessons that covid-19 has taught us. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the handing of tuberculosis by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Will he meet me to discuss the current TB...
  • Security of Ministers’ Offices and Communications (28 Jun 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: I am grateful to Mr Speaker for granting the urgent question of my hon. Friend the Member for Wellingborough (Mr Bone). With one Department spreading documents behind a bus stop and another one publishing CCTV, I cannot say that I am terribly surprised if Ministers do not want to use their private offices. Does my hon. Friend, who is doing a very good job at the Dispatch Box, agree that we...
  • Loss of Secret Documents (28 Jun 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: Thank you, Mr Speaker, for granting this urgent question. Because of the nature of my constituents, I very rarely speak about defence matters, but I cannot begin to tell the House how angry I am that this civil servant or whoever it was who scattered these papers put the lives of 190 personnel at risk on HMS Defender. If you go to a military funeral, Mr Speaker, you will appreciate, as I am...
  • Environment Bill: New Clause 21 - Habitats Regulations: power to amend general duties (26 May 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: I ran out of time.
  • Environment Bill: New Clause 21 - Habitats Regulations: power to amend general duties (26 May 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: I tabled new clause 2 to address the proposed general licensing requirements for the release of game birds and the environmental benefits of shooting. A campaign group named Wild Justice is repeatedly challenging DEFRA. As a result, Natural England must make assessments of the potential damage to EU-protected sites before granting licences for the release of game species. The proposed...
  • Coronavirus (25 Mar 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: It has certainly been a challenging time for my constituents in North Herefordshire, but their fortitude and community spirit must be highly commended. It is a triumph that vaccines were produced and approved in record time, and this was the silver bullet I have been asking for in all my speeches to this House for so many months. We are all so proud that ours is one of the world’s most...
  • Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill (22 Feb 2021)
    Bill Wiggin: If people do object, it would be helpful if they let me know.