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  • Covid-19: Winter Plan (23 Nov 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: I thank Tom Keith-Roach of AstraZeneca for producing a vaccine that, when fairly compared, is actually 90% effective. Will my right hon. Friend revisit the restrictions that he is proposing today if the vaccine is approved in the coming days?
  • Agriculture Bill: Clause 4 - Multi-annual financial assistance plans (12 Oct 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: It is a pleasure to follow the hon. Member for Angus (Dave Doogan), just as I did after his maiden speech. May I say that he needs to allow a little more of his Scottish charm to seep into his speeches? I need to declare my entry in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests, particularly as a breeder of Hereford cattle. Some 88% of Herefordshire is farmland, and 10,200 people work on...
  • Agriculture Bill: Clause 4 - Multi-annual financial assistance plans (12 Oct 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: I agree not only with my hon. Friend but with my hon. Friend the Member for The Cotswolds (Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown), who said he made an excellent speech—he did. Our two largest trading partners would be gone, threatening £22 billion-worth of exports of food, drink and feed—everything we are selling. The EU has already threatened to ban animal products, a trade worth £3 billion,...
  • Agriculture Bill: Clause 4 - Multi-annual financial assistance plans (12 Oct 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: Rightly or wrongly, it would become illegal, if we follow these rules, to bring anything from the EU that did not allow that into this country. My hon. Friend is right to raise that; it is wrong. Food labelling is the solution, and to have a grass-fed label that allows 49% of the feed to be grain is just not right. We need to be an outwardly global, free trade-friendly but sensible country....
  • Agriculture Bill: Clause 4 - Multi-annual financial assistance plans (12 Oct 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: I do not get any extra minutes for that intervention. I ask Members also to think about our stocking density for chickens, which is 39 kg per square metre, as opposed to 42kg in the EU. German hop growers use chemicals that would not be allowed in this country, and apparently the French will give a derogation for neonicotinoids so that their farmers can produce oilseed rape. That is...
  • Agriculture Bill: Clause 4 - Multi-annual financial assistance plans (12 Oct 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: What else has my right hon. Friend done about how he feels about this matter? Has he written to anyone about it?
  • Covid-19 Update (5 Oct 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: My right hon. Friend gave an excellent answer to our right hon. Friend the Member for Tunbridge Wells (Greg Clark). The JCVI report is indeed most helpful and reassuring because it prioritises the vulnerable, the elderly and, of course, our health workers. However, it last met on 1 September, and the report is dated 23 September. Can my right hon. Friend confirm that if there is more...
  • Covid-19 (28 Sep 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: Since covid-19 began, sadly in Herefordshire we have seen 128 deaths and 1,008 people have tested positive. However, looking to France as an example of where we could be in just a matter of weeks, there have been 14,412 new cases in the last 24 hours, compared to just 5,693 in the UK. In the past week, 4,102 people in France were admitted to hospital, 763 of whom needed intensive care; here,...
  • Covid-19 (28 Sep 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: My hon. Friend is right, but everybody who takes the vaccine reduces the risk proportionately for everybody else. It is all about the R number, as he knows. That is why the Government have been right to pre-book the vaccines: 100 million doses of the AstraZeneca and University of Oxford vaccine, 30 million doses of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, which is the next one in evaluation stage...
  • Covid-19 (28 Sep 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: Does my hon. Friend think that what we were doing in March was very different from what the Government are dealing with today?
  • EU Exit: End of Transition Period (23 Sep 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: How much does my right hon. Friend think the EU will lose in the event of no deal? Is not this figure not helped by senior Labour politicians suggesting that we might extend the transition period?
  • End of Eviction Moratorium (23 Sep 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: I know that the Government are desperately trying to be fair, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and this is an absolutely clear example. My casework is full of landlords complaining about tenants who are working but have refused to pay their rent, and who are behaving antisocially—but is not antisocial behaviour rather a broad catch-all? What guidance will the Minister...
  • Birmingham Attacks and Extinction Rebellion Protests (7 Sep 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: I have spoken many times in this House about the importance of regulating the press and how important I believe climate change is. People like me are so put off by what the XR people are doing. How do we communicate to them that they are really their own worst enemy?
  • Points of Order (14 Jul 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: Further to that point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker. Thank you for that answer. You will be aware that 72 people tested positive in my constituency this weekend. I did apply for an urgent question. I put my name down to be on the call list today. Could I ask you to gently thank Mr Speaker for all he has done to make our hearings possible, but to make sure that constituency cases can be heard by...
  • Covid-19 Update (23 Jun 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: I got covid-19 on the same day as my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister. Yesterday, I was given a free test by a company called Pyser Testing, which is an excellent company run by military veterans. Many of us have had the disease. Does my right hon. Friend agree that, if we can be identified to make sure we are in those statistics, we could move faster and more efficiently? We have to get...
  • Flood Defences: Tenbury Wells (3 Jun 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: I would like briefly to share with the House the misery caused by the flooding in 2007, when the residents of Tenbury Wells were hit three times by something that was evil in its outcome. I thank my hon. Friend for her excellent campaigning and wish her every success and more power to her elbow in a wonderful place that has suffered so badly.
  • Coronavirus Bill (23 Mar 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: It is a pleasure to follow the maiden speech of my hon. Friend the Member for High Peak (Robert Largan). May I say to colleagues across the House that being angry with the public for what they are doing wrong is no way to proceed? In Fownhope in my constituency, a community that was hit very badly by flooding, we are seeing the most phenomenal community spirit and wonderful behaviour...
  • Educational Settings (18 Mar 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: This Easter holiday was, for good students, their opportunity to revise, so we do not have a great deal of time to give proper guidance for A-level and GCSE students. How long should they expect it to be before they know exactly what is going to happen?
  • Coronavirus (9 Mar 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: Today, we had the first acknowledgement that there was a case in Herefordshire and yet I am still waiting to hear from the Government about the 70 children who are planning to go to northern Italy to ski. Can we make sure that airlines are giving these parents their money back?
  • Flooding (4 Mar 2020)
    Bill Wiggin: I am grateful to my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for mentioning Tenbury Wells, which was in my constituency in 2007 when it flooded three times. The fact that somebody lost their life there is a proper tragedy, and when one talks about flooding, there is only one thing worse, and that is efforts to politicise it. In just two days, we had a whole month’s worth of rain, on 15 and...