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  • Business of the House (16 Apr 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: Mr Speaker, you probably were not aware of my interest in the Second Reading of the Laser Misuse (Vehicles) Bill until now. We are now due to have it on Wednesday, but on Wednesday we should have been considering the Committee and remaining stages of that Bill. Can my right hon. Friend shed some light on when that might now take place?
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Leaving the EU: Policy Development (8 Mar 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: Park keeper or food producer— whatever the future for farming is going to be, does my hon. Friend agree that it must be possible to earn a living out of farming?
  • Uk Relations: Saudi Arabia: Blagging: Leveson Inquiry (7 Mar 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: Those who believe in a truly free press should not accept IPSO, and those who do not believe in a truly free press cannot accept it either. In the light of these criminal confessions, which only The Guardian and the BBC reported, does my right hon. Friend agree that implementing section 40 would be more in the spirit of building a country that works for everyone than the current system,...
  • Bill Presented: Data Protection Bill [Lords] (5 Mar 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: I draw Members’ attention to my entry in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests. I will start with a little anecdote about my local paper and IPSO. On 9 November, just four days after the Paradise papers story broke, the Hereford Times published the headline, “Tory MP dragged into offshore row”. It clearly implied a connection between me, a law firm I have never...
  • Bill Presented: Data Protection Bill [Lords] (5 Mar 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: Either we regulate or we do not, but we cannot do bits. That is why it is important that the Bill passes into law as it is. I agree with the hon. Lady. The second accusation is that Earl Attlee’s amendments would damage the freedom of the press. The Press Recognition Panel is entirely independent of Government and the press. It is funded by the Government, but so are the courts, and no...
  • Bill Presented: Data Protection Bill [Lords] (5 Mar 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: Before he does, will the Secretary of State give way?
  • Bill Presented: Data Protection Bill [Lords] (5 Mar 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: Will the provisions apply to Wikipedia as well?
  • Uk/EU Future Economic Partnership (5 Mar 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: I congratulate my right hon. Friend, but can she confirm that, during the implementation period, we will be free to sign international trade agreements?
  • Local Government Finance (7 Feb 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: May I reciprocate by thanking my hon. Friend for the leadership he has shown in those meetings and for his determination, which has meant that rural counties have got a better deal? Equally, I thank the Front-Bench team for listening to us and being so helpful to people who need their help so badly.
  • Local Government Finance (7 Feb 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: Love thy neighbour.
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Topical Questions (15 Jan 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: At this time, when there is so much pressure on the departmental budget, will the Minister make sure that cadets, who do so much to make sure that recruitment carries on, are properly protected and resourced?
  • Electoral Commission (8 Jan 2018)
    Bill Wiggin: rose—
  • Grenfell Tower and Building Safety (18 Dec 2017)
    Bill Wiggin: Everybody is united in never wanting to see something like this happen again. An insulation manufacturer in my constituency, Kingspan, which was not involved in this tragedy, is keen to work to ensure that building regulations deliver the fire-proofing that we all hope for and expect. Will the Secretary of State agree to meet Kingspan?
  • Pension Equality for Women (14 Dec 2017)
    Bill Wiggin: I have been listening carefully to the hon. Gentleman and he seems to know what he is talking about. Can he give an idea of how much this will cost? I suspect that there is a range of amounts, but I am curious to know what he thinks would be the right amount of money that could go some way towards putting this right.
  • Business of the House (14 Dec 2017)
    Bill Wiggin: The whole House will agree that constituencies ought to be equalised, but our departure from the European Union has ensured that we will be cutting the cost of governance. Will the Leader of the House therefore ensure that any private Member’s Bill coming along that might correct the 650 to 600 debate gets the money resolution it needs?
  • European Council: Points of Order (23 Oct 2017)
    Bill Wiggin: Further to that point of order, Mr Speaker. Knowing as you do that Whips are not able to speak, I thought that it might be helpful to say that I suspect that there will be some very good news on this subject in the foreseeable future. However, I believe that the usual channels are stuck and that there are certain names that the Opposition parties need to return to the Government.
  • Committees (16 Oct 2017)
    Bill Wiggin: I beg to move.
  • Uk Plans for Leaving the EU (9 Oct 2017)
    Bill Wiggin: I congratulate my right hon. Friend on her excellent answer to the hon. Member for Rhondda (Chris Bryant), but the vile brutality of the Spanish police really does disturb me. Any bold new strategic agreement on law enforcement and criminal justice cannot allow bullying of that nature, whether by member states or EU negotiators.
  • European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: 2nd Day (11 Sep 2017)
    Bill Wiggin: I have been in the House since 2001 and have, I dare say, manufactured a fair amount of indignation about the legislation of previous Governments, but things are different today. I respect the Opposition’s arguments—they are absolutely right to raise them, and their concerns are valid and should be considered—but we are in the middle of a negotiation and my constituents...
  • European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: 2nd Day (11 Sep 2017)
    Bill Wiggin: I rather hope that the Brexit Secretary will concentrate on negotiating our departure rather than on sitting in darkened rooms, or perhaps that is what he is doing—who knows? Returning to the main thrust of what is going on, we need a unified, sensible piece of legislation, and we must support the Government, get the legislation through and then sort out our differences. Support for the...