Bill Wiggin MP is calling for extra beds for Hereford County Hospital.

Bill visited Hereford County Hospital on Monday 21 September to meet with Richard Beeken, the new Chief Executive of Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Mr Wiggin said: “During my visit I was given a tour of one of the hutted wards, Leadon, still in use at the County Hospital. These wards were built by the Canadians more than 50 years ago.

So without criticising the staff, I think it is time we had new wards and more beds and expanded the capacity of the Hospital.

I have written to the Secretary of State for Health making this case.


Mr Wiggin has now received the below response from the Department of Health.

DoH reply on Hereford Hospital


Bill Wiggin MP continued his campaign for more hospital beds with a question to the Prime Minister on Wednesday 3 December.

Mr Wiggin said: “Nothing matters more to my constituents than their health. The increase in spending from the Government is welcome but our Hospital is full and we continue to need more beds. The failing PFI contracts and Care Quality Commission challenges facing the Hospital don’t alter the fact that we need to ensure there are enough beds available for those that need them.

I use the NHS and understand the need to build on the hard work and commitment of our fantastic staff. We have skilled consultants and we need to ensure that our old hutted wards are replaced with state of the art modern buildings with more capacity.

I visited the old wards recently and was deeply impressed by the teams delivering patient care. I want the Prime Minister to ensure that Hereford Hospital is now top of the list for future capital investment.”


Mr Wiggin has now received the below response from the Prime Minister following his question during PMQs.

PM letter on Hereford Hospital